In the studioDaniel is a Voice Actor based in London. He trained at the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts Conservatory in New York as well as other institutions in London. Daniel has many years of experience in the industry and has voiced for a large number of different projects from a very young age.

Throughout his drama school training Daniel studied mainly, in acting, through the ‘Meisner Technique’. He has also studied for many years in voice. Having gained extensive knowledge in the voice, phonetics, accents and dialects. Daniel has a strong understanding and ability, within the English language, to explore, contort, create, recreate, define, refine, and perfect the right voice for each individual project, with the control needed within the studio environment.

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Daniel owns and operates a fully treated studio – Home to ‘Seeing the Sound Studios’, powered by Sontronics, Apple and Logic Pro X, Using ‘Source – Connection Now’ you can join the session in the highest clarity from anywhere in the world.             Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.26.02


Daniel is the creator of ‘Seeing the Sound’.

“UK based company ‘Seeing The Sound’ produces short Audio Animated Stories designed specifically for children who are visually impaired. Simply put, the stories we create are audio focused, with the (optional) additional use of bright, vivid, solid colours to emphasise characters, mood and setting. Our Audio Animations are written, performed and edited in a manner to give a heightened level of immersion, without requiring ‘Audio Description’ or any other additional aid that may break the suspension of disbelief. Our aim is to create visceral, animated imagery inside your imagination. We edit our Audio Animations using a method we call ‘Proximity Edit’ in which we edit all audio in respective proximity to the main character in order to encourage the listener to feel like they are the protagonist – hearing everything as it happens around them.” 

banner-smallerAt the weekend Daniel also performs a live Rat Pack tribute show titled –

‘Live from the Sands’

An hour long show devised and performed in the style of Dean Martin. Designed specifically for people with dementia, this is a show to help reminisce and unlock memories through the sensory experience of music.

Including the most famous and iconic ‘Rat Pack’ hits from the 60’s.

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Daniel is represented by;

 Hobsons International.

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